simone aughterlony > the best and the worst of us

ein titel der mein interesse weckt. habe ich doch von beidem einiges zu bieten…

am 12.02.2008 feiert the best and the worst of us von simone aughterlony im theaterhaus gessnerallee [zürich] seine premiere.

the best of us will be the moments when we are coherent, agreed, working together towards a common goal, consequent and disciplined. the worst of us will be the careless breaking of rules we said we would abide by, the complete disregard for anything outside our own singular desires and impulses, and generally bad choices.

even as we move in perfect unison, we expect you might detect small steps that are slightly out of rhythm or tiny gestures and nuances that reflect our individuality.

the lead roles will not make any entrances onto the stage: there will be no lead roles. therefore, the chorus will observe and express opinions on the actions and feelings of the group itself. they will reveal the story of discipline, transforming the history of group activity and it's relevance today for the larger mass in the space. trying always to do so in one voice.

our strict adhering to various self-imposed sets of rules will undoubtedly lead to a large reward. we expect to be punished should we stray or digress from the common objectives. we know this phenomenon because we have grown up with it.

of course, we don't want to make a moralistic work but rather edge our way further towards moving and behaving like a flock of birds, or a school of fish, or a swarm of bees…


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