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am 29.09.2008 soll es von mercury rev eine veröffentlichung in physischer form namens snowflake midnight und alternativ strange attractor als frei downloadbare version geben.

tracklisting snowflake midnight:

  1. snowflake in a hot world
  2. butterfly's wings
  3. senses on fire
  4. people are so unpredictable (there's no bliss like home)
  5. october sunshine
  6. runaway raindrop
  7. dream of a young girl as a flower
  8. faraway for cars
  9. a squirrel and i (holding on…and then letting go)

tracklisting strange attractor:

  1. love is pure
  2. taken up into clouds, changed and rained down
  3. pure joie de la solitude
  4. persistence and the apis mellifera
  5. fable of a silver moon
  6. loop lisse, loop
  7. in my heart, a strange attractor
  8. incident on abeel street
  9. af den fader kommer den sol
  10. because because because
  11. nocturne for norwood

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