la cigale > cie fabienne berger

die erste version von la cigale im 2008 präsentiert am 22. und 23.01.2008 die cie fabienne berger mit elle(s) auf der bühne des la fourmi [luzern].

she is at the centre
in the middle of a field of influences
surrounded, standing.
she reproduces what she sees of the world
and turns the external into part of her.
she transforms herself into a series of others.

"on stage, i present a woman crisscrossed by the world, so that by empathy, other people's bodies also become mine. what results is a ‘cubist' dance in which postures, movements and attitudes blend into a carrousel of intimate and vast spaces. ideally, i would like what is unseen to be reflected in what is seen and for the women who make up a woman to be as it were integrated in the fabric of the world."


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