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bei depeche-mode.com gibt es die vollständige biografie und die kommentare von dave gahan zu jedem einzelnen song von hourglass nachzulesen…

saw something
"when we first started writing, i had that song in my head and in my heart; so i was dying to get on a mic and sing it. the lyrics are about sitting, waiting for something to come – protection of some kind, or some kind of answer. what i've come to learn is that you've got to go find it, take some action. i prefer to sit and wait, but it just doesn't work. it sounds kind weird, but i do believe in that sort of divine intervention, if you allow it. if you allow life to happen, not try to push it in the direction you think it's supposed to go in – which is what i spend a lot of time doing – then really amazing things happen, things that you didn't expect. but you've got to take some action. this song, for me, is a starting point for something new in my life."

"it's this idea that there's a better place, and it's not up there in the clouds, it's right here. and it's about becoming more accepting of life and the way it is. i would be lying if i said the world didn't affect me. i have children and i want to protect them; and sometimes i don't really have the ability to do that."

deeper and deeper
"it is very sexual and very animal. but that's a big part of me, too; and i wanted to expose that. i started singing it, and christian said i would have to stand three feet from the mic – i was just screaming it out. i wanted it to have that feel of t. rex, gary glitter, all those glam bands. but it's really kind of a blues thing, just riffing on one idea."

21 days
"this is built around a sort of stooges drone, a bass guitar hit in a very strange way. it's sung in my true voice, the way i just sort of spit things out. as for the lyrics, well, all these things creep in from what i read, what i see. and i do believe that we are building this tower of fear that we're all going to live in, until we decide we're not going to anymore."

"it's one of my favorites, because it is so exposed. visually, it's kind of like coming in and out of the fog. exposing a little bit of what i believe in but not really. i'm going to tell you that i don't believe in jesus but i'm gonna continue praying. religion is not a concept that i… i think it's archaic. but at the same time, there are many times i've found myself praying to something. if the lyrics are contradicting themselves, it's because i'm contradicting myself all the time. the thing is, i don't believe in miracles, but i see them happen in my life and in other people's lives. i have total faith in life and love; i just don't have any faith in people. but it's really a love song. and i believe in love, but i'm also afraid of it. in the past, i lost myself completely, and if you've lost yourself, you can't possibly have a relationship with anybody else. to have that in my life, to have a family, i realize it's the most important thing."

use you
"it's very sleazy. it's about my disgust with people, myself, disgust with my arrogance and my self-sabotaging behavior. i wanna use something, i wanna use life to escape. i think it comes from being made to go to sunday school when i was a kid. i heard it loud and clear, that we're all sinners."

"it's just the word, i really like that word. it's about something you can't really touch, but you know it's there. i felt like it wasn't going to make it on the record, but we stripped it back, and it's become drumless. now i feel like it's got a place."

"it's about trying to believe there's something at the end of the tunnel that will somehow solve all the problems; it's that illusion. we recorded 'endless' in five different ways. we went a really hard way with it, and that just didn't work. then andrew and christian went out and ended up at some club and the dj did this thing where he reversed the beat; and they came back all excited about it. so we let christian go at it and he came up with this very off beat. i think that even in a pop format, if you push yourself and allow the experimentation, the song can go in so many different ways; it's very hypnotic, but it's also a pop song."

a little lie
"it has a john mcgeoch/siouxsie sioux kind of vibe to it. it's very gothic, and of course there's nothing wrong with goth. it's like those songs that have real highs and lows and take you to an odd, sort of ethereal place. a lot of depeche songs have that feeling; martin and i are very much minor chord people. the beat is a sort of swamp crawl, something from the deep south, which comes from me listening to john lee hooker and muddy waters. i was poking fun at myself a bit in this song, using this really bombastic opening, and then singing about how the time for that has sort of passed."

"it's one of my favorites. it's almost got a kind of country feel to it. it's the last little reflection of where i left off with paper monsters. visually it's reflecting back to the days when i wasn't participating in life. there are certainly times when i'm still, like, fuck it, let's crack open the bottle of jack daniels."

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