galt aureus > neues album

oft kommt es nicht vor, dass ich hier musik präsentiere die wirklich independent – im sinne von unabhängig von einem plattenlabel – ist.

die band – welche eigentlich ein duo ist – heisst galt aureus und macht melodiösen rock, der von der tollen stimme von sänger saher geprägt wird. das aktuelle album nennt sich citadels und kann auf der homepage der band gekauft werden.

saher stellt euch im folgenden videoclip den song our own versailles ab dem album citadels gleich selber vor…

i had decided to travel the world. you see, i needed to find my muse. for no drought of ink, i realized i could wrest neither note nor phrase from my pen without this inspiration.

so i tried, first, a period of seclusion in the amazon rainforest. i tried a long walk atop the great wall of china. i even tried a week's stay in an alaskan igloo. and though i thought i had given up there – frozen and alone in my kingdom of ice – i did find my muse at last. i found her in paris, france.

i was in the palais garnier, the paris opera house. i wanted to experience a masterful work in a place of real beauty. it was my final chance for redemption. chopin's op. 11 was playing before me and i was wholly entranced. nothing else existed. i saw a ballet of hands dancing over the keys. i saw a triumphant salute of bows beckoning my enraptured gaze. and then, i saw something else. in the highest balcony to my right, something stole my attention. it was her. my muse. i forgot where i was. i forgot my own name. and, for the first time in my life, i forgot about the music. she could not even see me but her power was clear and i knew that i needed her. that i wanted her.

and that's all there is to tell of our beginning. in the interminable fever since that moment, we have become one – an irrepressible force – and in our union, reborn, the grace of romantic era classical music against the fury of alternative rock: galt aureus.


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